Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

With more than 2.9 billion active users on social media, and users spending more than 2 hours a day on social media, social media marketing can certainly have it’s beneficial impacts on your business considering how large of an audience you have at your fingertips. (Literally)

If you’re wondering ‘what is social media marketing,’ check out our blog that covers just that. If you’re ready to see what the benefits of SMM are, keep reading! Keep in mind, these lists represent just the tip of the iceberg (of success), and know that each benefit can break down or expand depending on your particular business’ goals.

First, let’s start with some benefits that focus on your brand. If you’re just starting out with social media marketing, or maybe you’re thinking of revamping your efforts, this is a good order of things to think about as you build your strategy.

  1. Develop a Brand Voice
    1. Think of your brand’s voice as your spokesperson. Try to think of your audience, too. Who do you think they would want to hear/read from?
  2. Humanize Your Brand
  3. Build Credibility & Authority
  4. Increase Brand Awareness
  5. Personalized Messaging
  6. Enhance Brand Image
  7. Improve Brand Loyalty

Next, let’s look at several benefits from a business growth and revenue stream perspective. Once you have your brand voice, tone, and messaging down, it’s time to look at your business goals. Maybe it’s just one of these, maybe it’s all of them, but they are all achievable with social media marketing.

  1. Increase Inbound Traffic
  2. Higher (and more) Search Engine Rankings
  3. Higher conversion rates
  4. Increase Repeat Customers
  5. Cost Effective
  6. Targeting
  7. Reporting and Analytics

Finally, let’s go over a few benefits of social media marketing in terms of customers. Remember that, like with most businesses, repeat customers and customer satisfaction are vital to positive growth. With social media, the line of communication is open and it is a two way street. Engage, engage, and engage with your audience!

  1. Build customer satisfaction
  2. Gain Marketing Insight
  3. Open Communication & Boost Customer Engagement
  4. Reach People with Real Interest

Now, let’s explore some benefits in the sense of ‘what really can you do with social media’ that will benefit your brand and business. Most, if not all, social media marketers utilize combinations of these methods, and analyze the results monthly, make strategy adjustments, then try again.

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Showcase Company Culture
  3. Use Various Forms of Media (Graphics, Photos, Videos, Animations, Podcasts, Infographics, Live Streaming, 360° Photos, etc.)
  4. Introduce New Products of Services
  5. Social Media Attribution (Giving Credit)
  6. Further Partnerships
  7. Network and Build Relationships
  8. Promote Blogs and Email Newsletters

As mentioned before, this is just a small window of insight into the benefits of social media marketing, but it hopefully gives you enough information to convince you that social media marketing is quickly becoming a necessity for any modern business that wants to grow.

Written by: Krystal Blais, follow her on Twitter to view more of her work.