What are the Benefits of Inbound Marketing?

Any Tampa Bay Marketing pro will tell you that pushy outbound marketing like cold calling is expensive and has low return on investment. Inbound marketing on the other hand, works very well because it pulls in a customer who was already interested in the kind of product/service you offer. This achieves better conversion rates. Inbound marketing is all about providing the right content, with the right information at the right time. Here is why you should implement an inbound marketing strategy.

Cost effectiveness

Inbound marketing will achieve better results with 1/3 of what would have been spent in outbound marketing. This makes is ideal for businesses with small advertising budgets.

Longer effect

Inbound marketing tactics have a longer effect than outbound tactics. For example, Search engine optimization will rank a site highly on Google drawing in more traffic over time. A site with good ranking will retain this ranking with a little tweaking of the SEO from time to time. With good social media marketing, your social media pages will increasingly grow an audience. This audience is permanent for the business to target.

Better brand awareness and authority

St. Pete marketing pros say that good content going viral can create brand awareness very quickly. When this is done on a regular basis, customers come to associate your brand with authority in the industry. This in turn creates brand loyalty and easier conversion.

More trustworthy

Web users are constantly bombarded with paid ads and have become good at ignoring these ads. Many have installed ad blockers.  Inbound marketing is more believable than paid advertising. With inbound marketing, the customer gets to know and trust the brand making him/her more receptive to your sales pitches.

Interest retention

Tampa Bay SEO pros say that about 90% of visitors to a website will be doing research before buying. To convert these visitors, you must lead them down the sales funnel. Content marketing can help you capture the interest of such customer until she is ready to make a commitment.

Reach a wider audience

Inbound marketing has the potential to reach a wider audience than initially targeted. For example, if you are selling accounting services, a visitor coming to your site from Google will also find that you offer marketing services. This is different from paid advertising where potential customers see only an ad that they will most likely ignore.

Better customer engagement

Inbound marketing like social media marketing provide a platform to engage the customer. It is possible to get customer feedback and provide content on new products/services.