Why Social Media Marketing is a Good Idea

Why Social Media Marketing is a Good Idea Even If Your Company is Small

As the number of entrepreneurs increase every year, more and more people with small businesses are looking for successful ways to grow. With the power of the internet, we have three words for you: Social Media Marketing.

If you have plans of reaching an audience, your best bet is to start figuring out social media, or hire an agency or social media manager to use it properly for you.

Social media is a great way to get your feet wet in your market and industry. You can look at what your competitors are doing, and even at what companies that have nothing to do with your industry just to see what else you can use with your own marketing.

It’s not just about seeing what you’re up against, either. You can get so much inspiration and knowledge from utilizing social media. From webinars to forums, and chats, groups, and blogs, you can find yourself on a creative train embracing new ideas!

Plus, on top of all of that, you can talk to people! Using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and even Pinterest and Tumblr you can talk to people who are interested in things related to your industry and products.

The important things to remember are consistency, transparency, and honesty. Post consistently, but don’t feel pressured into posting every day. Be authentic, and not too sales-y. Give people reasons why your products or services are great in humble, and excited ways. Be honest in your messaging, don’t tell people your product or service is or does something if it isn’t true.

If you think your business is ready to benefit from social media marketing and want some insight from the pros, gives us as call at Bradlee Duffy.

Written by: Krystal Blais, follow on her on Twitter to view more of her work.

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