What are the Benefits of Having an Employee Portal in a Company?

Keeping an employee portal is a useful platform for enhancing team interaction, communication, and sharing ideas such that all team members are on the same page.  St Pete web design experts say that a company stands to gain a lot from using a well-designed employee portal. Here are some those benefits.

Increased productivity

An employee portal that is designed to hold all the tools and information an employee needs to accomplish tasks can be a big boost to productivity. When an employee log into the portal in the morning, she can see unfinished tasks, read email and recent company news, and join discussion threads. Having the tools needed at hand avoids wasting time putting together the resources needed and enhances employee efficiency.

Better communication

An employee portal can ease corporate communication in a large organization with hundreds of employees. The management can use it as a platform to publish useful announcements. It can also be used to communicate new initiatives and policies. The management can also use it to get feedback using surveys and suggestions. The portal can also be used for employee recognition like ‘Employee of the Month’ awards.

Enhance collaboration

An employee portal can be designed to deploy modern social and collaboration tools. Employees can connect to the portal and network to work together on projects. This will ensure that different strengths are applied on these projects for faster and better results. A portal can also directly connect employees at different levels while bypassing the corporate hierarchy. This creates opportunities for mentoring.

Streamlined processes

A well designed portal will hold the tools that employees use for different tasks. The portal can document the processes and avail tools to automate these processes. These could be complicated processes such as project management, or simple ones like employee appraisals. Automation of these processes streamlines delivery raising productivity at all levels.

Better knowledge management

An employee portal can change the way a corporate organization captures, organizes and retrieves corporate information. It provides a centralized point where employees add new information in form of discussions, comments, documents, blogs and other postings. Others in the same organization will see this information and use it where they can.

Personalization of tools

Tampa web design experts say different employees will have different preferences in the tools they use. These could be preferences in color, features, or even window height.  An employee can personalize her email, for example, as she sees fit for easier viewing of messages.