Web Design Trends in 2017

St Pete web design professionals say that web design trends are gearing for better user experience. Search engine ranking is no longer dependent on keywords. Sites with good user experience are getting higher ranking while bad user experience like broken and spammy links are penalized. The fact that mobile web traffic has overtaken desktop traffic has forced web designers to design webs for mobile. These are some of the web trends in 2017 going forward.

Responsive websites

Mobile web traffic overtook desktop traffic in 2016.  Designing for mobile means that web designers have to contend with different screen sizes hence the responsive design. As part of the push for better user experience on mobiles, Google is ranking responsive sites higher. It is expected that this will become standard design going forward.

Mobile first content

The shift of traffic to the mobile has meant that web designers have to come up with content with a mobile first approach. The limitation in screen size limits the amount of content that can be displayed. This involves designing such that mobile viewers can view content in increments.

Bolder typography

Advance in screen technology has made very high resolutions as seen in retina displays. Web designers have taken this opportunity to use typography to create personality, emotion and tone in websites. Bolder typography design is seen in image layering, parallax scrolling and dynamic text.

Endless scrolling

Facebook, Twitter, and Buzzfeed are some of the big names that have made endless scrolling popular. Web designers are using it increasingly in responsive websites for better viewing on mobile devices which do not have tabbed browsing. Menus in websites are disappearing in favor of the long scroll

Minimalist look

Tampa web design experts say the minimalist look gives the viewer more freedom in choosing what to view. A good example in minimalist design is Netflix which presents a few cards that lead to websites with more content. Again, the influence of the mobile is seen here as the minimalist look works very well for small screens.

Conversational UI

Conversational UI has been popularized by messaging platforms like Slack and WeChat. This involves interaction using chat and natural language in apps. More sites with conversational UI are expected particularly for web stores.

Real photos

While stock photos ease access to photographic content, web designers have realized their use lowers the brand’s credibility. Web users will have more trust in a brand that uses real people and places. More authentic photos will be seen in websites in the future.