What are the Benefits of SEO Marketing?

A website cannot make money if is not visible on the web, and you can’t be visible if the search engines don’t put you on the front pages of their search results. Tampa Bay marketing experts say that search engine optimization is not a luxury but a necessity in these days of fierce competition on the web. SEO marketing has a better return on investment than paid advertising. The good thing about is that unlike paid advertising, SEO achieves a permanent effect. There are good reasons for investing in SEO marketing.

Increased organic traffic

Tampa Bay SEO experts say that organic traffic accounts for 64% of web traffic while paid traffic makes up only 6%. This means that good SEO can bring on massive traffic benefits.  More traffic translates into more sales leads and more revenue. Better domain rankings, in turn, make a website an authority site which makes it rank high in search results and generate even more organic traffic.

Cost effectiveness

Search engine optimization will target people who are looking for your products or services. This means that there are better chances of conversion if the visitor thinks that you have what she is looking for. There is cost effectiveness in that the investment done give better return on investment than other methods like cold calling.

Better brand awareness

St. Pete marketing pros opine that SEO creates better brand awareness by ranking your brand on the first page of search results. People doing web searches will tend to trust sites coming in top rankings and associate them with products/ services they are looking for. This heightened brand awareness generates new sales leads and better revenues.

Better close rates

The Search Engine Journal reports that inbound marketing tactics like SEO have 14.6% close rates compared to 1.7% close rates in outbound marketing tactics like cold calling. This is because it is easier to convert a customer who is already looking for your product.

Beat the competition

St Pete SEO pros recommend SEO marketing as one way of beating competition on the web as more businesses build online presence. SEO ranks your site above that of the competition making you more visible. Studies on searches show that people doing web searches rarely consider results beyond the first page and will click on the 3 top links. High rankings therefore translate into traffic and better sales leads.

Better user experience

User experience has become the top metric for ranking websites. This includes having relevant content and easy navigation of the site. Using SEO will make your site better in user experience increasing brand loyalty.