What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

With over 1.2 billion people on social media, this is not an audience any business would want to ignore. Tampa Bay marketing experts say that many social media users will check their account at least once a day. With the right targeting methods, there are higher prospects of your marketing content getting seen. Social media has become an invaluable tool for many marketers for a number of good reasons.

Brand Awareness

A customer cannot do business with you if she does not know your brand. Social media offers a vast audience for brand awareness creation. With creative content, there are chances of going viral which creates brand awareness in a way that tradition advertising cannot.

Better targeting

Social media sites collect a lot of personal data which is useful for marketing. Tampa Bay SEO marketers say for example, you can target Facebook users by age, gender, career, location and interests. This makes it possible to drill down to a highly specific target audience ensuring you’re your content receives positive response.

Better customer engagement

Social media provides a platform to humanize your brand. It is possible to stay engaged with the customer 24/7. Constant engagement keeps your brand on the customer’s radar and creates brand loyalty.

Better conversion rates

Social media marketing sees higher conversion rates as any content you post are an opportunity to create a reaction in your potential customers. Every post, video, comment or update has the chance of creating curiosity for the customer to take that first step down the sales funnel.

Become an authority

St. Pete marketing pros say that constantly posting relevant and informational content will make your customers see you as an authority in your industry. This creates trust in your brand which means it becomes easier to convert customers when they need your kind of product/service.

Reputation management

Whether you are on social media or not, your brand will be mentioned regardless. You can use social media monitoring tools to keep track of what is being said about your brand and products/services. You can respond quickly to any issues bringing up negative comments.

Better customer service

Social media makes a very good platform for customer service. You can respond quickly to customer queries and complaints. Informational content on the use of your product/service will create brand loyalty.

Higher traffic

St. Pete SEO pros say that it is possible to increase traffic to your website by posting good content with links to your site. Search engines will rank your site better on seeing this organic traffic from social media which in turn creates better domain authority and more traffic.